Health & Diet Assesment


In July 2015 Feed My Sheep (FMS) took an in house survey . The questions and the results (in bold) are listed below:  101 people were surveyed. The participants were picked at random. 

Hi would you mind answering a few confidential questions about your diet?

1.     I’m going to ask you about meals and diet, by "meal" I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner.  During the past 7 days, did you have enough food so that you had breakfast lunch and dinner?  Yes    No

a.    If no, did you receive food from FMS last week      Yes      No

Out of the 101 surveyed 84 said that they had enough food during the past week.  Of the 17 who didn’t have enough food 15 said they didn’t go to a FMS distribution the week before and said that is why they didn’t have enough.

2.    Did you get any of these that were prepared away from home in places such as restaurants, fast food places, food stands, grocery stores, or from vending machines?   Yes  No    How many _______  Don’t know    Refused       
        (Do not include school lunch programs for children)

15 people said yes to this with a total of 41 meals, not an excessive amount and 12 of the 15 reported improved health in the questions to follow.

3.    During the past 7 days, how often did you eat “ready to eat” foods from the grocery store?  Please do not include sliced meat or cheese you buy for sandwiches and frozen or canned foods. _____   never    refused

18 people said yes to this question with a total of 47 ready to eat foods. 16 still reporting improved health

4.    How long have you been coming to Feed My Sheep: 1 year or less, 2—3 years, 5 years or more

25 have been coming for one year or less, 42 for two to three years and 34 for 5 years or more.

5.    Is the food you receive adequate to help you achieve a balanced healthy diet: Yes, No

96 responded yes.

6.    Would you have an adequate supply of food if you didn’t come to Feed My Sheep: Yes   No   Refused

79 reported they would not have and adequate supply of food if they didn’t come to Feed My Sheep.  Of the 22 who said they would have enough, 13 of the 22 said that they would have enough but it wouldn’t be a  balanced or healthy diet.   One person was quoted in saying “junk food is cheap”.

7.    Does the food you receive at FMS , help to improve you health    Yes    No

93 people said that yes the food that they receive from FMS does improve their health, 5 said they didn’t know, 1 person said it didn’t improve their health and 1 person didn’t answer the question.

8.    How do you know that your health has improved or not improved?

A list of the improved health items  is at the end of this report.

9.    If your health has improved does your doctor agree that you are healthier now than you were 1 year ago?   Yes    No    

52 people confirmed that their Dr. agrees that they have improved health

NAME: __________________________________________    Refused

Improved Health Concerns reported  in question 8 to Feed My Sheep by the Friends (they don’t have clients they have friends

•    Generally feeling better, healther which includes: becoming more active, having more energy,  not getting sick as easily, eating more vegis and fruits, less tired, able to go to work, maintaining good health, not getting colds, check up was greatly improved, was able to give up medications, body able to heal faster—75 reports

•    Diabetes improved—19 reports
•    Weight loss—15 reports
•    Mentally more alert—14 reports
•    Blood Pressure healthier—12 reports
•    Healthier colesterol—12 reports
•    No longer hungry, alive—7 reported
•    Arthritis improved—2 reports
•    Asthma and COPD improved—2 reported
•    Colon health, food digestion improved—2 reports.
•    Healthy weight gain—2 reports
•    Bone desease improved—1 report
•    Heart healthier—1 report
•    Healthier skin—1 report

There was a total of 165 health improvements reported with 107 of those being doctor confirmed.