Editorial From the Maui News

"As we start the holiday period, it’s nice to remember the cardinal rule of the season – ‘tis better to give than receive"

We are grateful for those wise words found in the inspiring editorial posted in the Maui News on November 2nd. You can read the full editorial here or check it out at MauiNews.com

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"Sincerity and Integrity When Feeding the Poor

"As a businessman, I eagerly support Feed My Sheep because of the sincerity and integrity they show when feeding the poor here on Maui. I know that every dollar we send is being maximized to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate and Feed My Sheep is having an eternal impact on their lives"

Dwayne Betsill, Betsill Brothers Construction & Development

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"I don't normally take help, but I come here."

"Feed My Sheep is so wonderful. I have arthritis and can't walk two blocks, but the come to my neighborhood and make it easy on me. I'm low-income, and this helps so much. I love it. I don't normally like to take help, but I come here."

Rosemary, Friend

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'In body, soul and spirit..."

"We support Feed My Sheep because it not only ministers to a person's body, but also to their soul and spirit. Every person receives prayer and many people have come just for the prayer. It is also an organization that is the most worthy of support as more money goes to the cause than any other non-profit on the island."

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The Real Deal

"This is the real deal. I couldin't think of a better organization to support because everything we get goes back out to the people. You have a hands-on feel to it. You can actually see what they get, and the people we come out and help are really thankful for it."

Tom, Volunteer

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